Just One Cornetto: London to Sicily in a Small Motorhome

About the book:

Just One Cornetto is the delightful story of Keith and his wife Gail’s six-month, 11,000-kilometre winter journey round Italy including Sicily and his love for cream or chocolate filled cornetti.

Unsigned mountain roads, litter-filled city back streets, beautiful vistas, Greek temples, magical resorts, historical centres, generous locals met along the way all provide an engaging mix and invaluable insight into an out-of-season Italy. Who can resist encounters with Tony Blair’s friend; a ninety-year old boar hunter; or a local trying to get planning permission and being offered ‘help’ by a well-known organisation that will make planners’ hands shake? The in-depth descriptions, touches of history and the variety of people they meet add colour and bring to life the many places they visit. With a passion for getting off the beaten track and venturing into notorious areas they are able to contrast the idylls with the lesser known.

From the author of ‘How Katie Pulled Boris’ this book retains Keith’s easy-going style and you will feel you have joined them on their travels in their small motorhome. The book’s warmth and humour make it an ideal introduction to anyone wanting to visit Italy and particularly Sicily but equally enjoyable for Italophiles and armchair adventurers.

Verified Purchasers' Reviews (Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords.)

'The writing flows effortlessly, it is both witty and informative. Mashiter clearly knows the country well, his descriptions and writing style create a fascinating impression of the places and people that he and his wife encounter along their journey. This is done in a far more absorbing way than any guide book could ever achieve. Even if you never plan on visiting Italy the tale of this road trip is a great story which had me hooked from the start.' (Christopher: Amazon)

Insightful and amusing; a rare literary travel guide
His writing style is eloquent and engaging, with a nice balance of eye-opening descriptions and familiar humour. I challenge anyone to walk away after reading it without a burning urge to travel to Italy, whatever your choice of transport might be. (Elizabeth A Wright: Amazon)

This quirky journal is the second offering from the author of How Katie Pulled Boris. As the title suggests, the book follows author Keith and his wife Gail as they meander down through Italy and on to Sicily in their small motorhome. Delivered in the form of a polished journal, this travelogue relates the couple's experiences through expansive description and observation intercut with snippets of humourous dialogue, and makes for an encapsulating read. (D Jarman: Amazon)

'Keith Mashiter is naturally funny in the delivery of his reality show, and he peppers the story with just the right amount of humour and irony to transform it from interesting into entertaining.' (Maria Bradley: Amazon)

Kieth Mashiter does a fantastic job though at transcribing the Italian experience in his new book, and he does so with a fine juxtaposition of humor and challenge that is both hilarious and at the same time, quite nerve wracking.(Marlene Stotts: Amazon)

This ticked three of my favourite boxes by being 1)a travelogue 2)a story of the intrepid `do-it-yourself' adventure variety 3)sprinkled with witty observations. Keith and Gail's paranoia about the sunglasses-and-suit wearing men that seemed to be everywhere in Sicily is funny because we know that we would have the same fears! Keith's humorous descriptions of the characters they meet (both fellow campers and locals) and the places they visit - some of them very insalubrious! - make the book a very entertaining read. It's great to get a taste of the lesser known places that Italy and Sicily have to offer, and there's certainly a wealth of inadvertent tips here for anyone who fancies following Keith and Gail's journey - especially if they too fancy being brave and touring these places in a camper van. (Alison Runham: Amazon)

'Just One Cornetto: London to Sicily in a Small Motorhome is a good read for people who love Italy and travelogues. The first chapter hooks you and you avidly read on. The author and his wife Gail, follow in Dickens' footsteps as they move around Italy, from the Alps, via Sicily and into Calabria and down and around the "toe" of Italy...The descriptions of the places they visited are very evocative, and Mr. Mashiter certainly understands the use of adjectives, bringing scenes vividly to life.
The intrepid travelers were warned by Aldo, the ninety-year old ex-wild boar hunter that "Beyond Rome, Italy is another country." This was in Radicofani and Aldo, although he can no longer hunt, gets the heads of boars to boil. After doing that he removes the tusks and mounts them for the young generation of hunters. Aldo is just one of the more interesting characters they meet on their travels.' (Lynne Evans: Amazon)

This immediately engrossing book was incredibly well written and makes you feel as if you are traveling right along with the author. He brings you right into the center of the culture and architecture, describing equally well the good, the bad, and everything in between of the adventure. (Beth: Amazon USA)


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